Syllabus - Employability Skills

4. Entrepreneurship Skills

Concept of Entreneurship
  1. Enterpreneur – Entrepreneurship – Enterprises:- Conceptual issue
  2. Entrepreneurship vs. management, Entrepreneurial motivation. Performance & Record, Role & Function of entrepreneurs in relation to the enterprise & relation to the economy, Source of business ideas, Entrepreneurial opportunities, The process of setting up a business.
Project Preparation & Marketing analysis
  1. Qualities of a good Entrepreneur, SWOT and Risk Analysis. Concept & application of PLC, Sales & distribution Management. Different Between Small Scale & Large Scale Business, Market Survey, Method of marketing, Publicity and advertisement, Marketing Mix.
Institutions Support
  1. Preparation of Project. Role of Various Schemes and Institutes for self-employment i.e. DIC, SIDA, SISI, NSIC, SIDO, Idea for financing/ non financing support agencies to familiarizes with the Policies /Programmes & procedure & the available scheme.
Investment Procurement
  1. Project formation, Feasibility, Legal formalities i.e., Shop Act, Estimation & Costing, Investment procedure
  2. Loan procurement – Banking Processes.