Syllabus - Employability Skills

2. I.T. Literacy

Basics of Computer - Introduction, Computer and its applications, Hardware and peripherals, Switching on-Starting and shutting down of computer.

Computer Operating System - Basics of Operating System, WINDOWS, The user interface of Windows OS, Create, Copy, Move and delete Files and Folders, Use of External memory like pen drive, CD, DVD etc, Use of Common applications.

Word processing and Worksheet - Basic operating of Word Processing, Creating, opening and closing Documents, use of shortcuts, Creating and Editing of Text, Formatting the Text, Insertion & creation of Tables. Printing document. Basics of Excel worksheet, understanding basic commands, creating simple worksheets, understanding sample worksheets, use of simple formulas and functions, Printing of simple excel sheets

Computer Networking and Internet - Basic of computer Networks (using real life examples), Definitions of Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Internet, Concept of Internet (Network of Networks), Meaning of World Wide Web (WWW), Web Browser, Web Site, Web page and Search Engines. Accessing the Internet using Web Browser, Downloading and Printing Web Pages, Opening an email account and use of email. Social media sites and its implication. Information Security and antivirus tools, Do’s and Don’ts in Information Security, Awareness of IT – ACT, types of cyber crimes.