Syllabus - Employability Skills

6. Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Education

Safety & Health
  1. Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health importance of safety and health at workplace
Occupational Hazards
  1. Basic Hazards, Chemical Hazards, Vibroacoustic Hazards, Mechanical Hazards, Electrical Hazards, Thermal Hazards.
  2. Occupational health, Occupational hygienic, Occupational Diseases/ Disorders & its prevention.
Accident & safety
  1. Basic principles for protective equipment.
  2. Accident Prevention techniques – control of accidents and safety measures.
First Aid
  1. Care of injured & Sick at the workplaces, First-Aid & Transportation of sick person
Basic Provisions
  1. Idea of basic provision of safety, health, welfare under legislation of India.
  1. Introduction to Environment. Relationship between Society and Environment, Ecosystem and Factors causing imbalance.
  1. Pollution and pollutants including liquid, gaseous, solid and hazardous waste.
Energy Conservation
  1. Conservation of Energy, re-use and recycle.
Global warming
  1. Global warming, climate change and Ozone layer depletion.
Ground Water
  1. Hydrological cycle, ground and surface water, Conservation and Harvesting of water
  1. Right attitude towards environment, Maintenance of in – house environment