Minimum Passing Marks in ITI online Exams 1st Semester

In the present time, expansion in Factories, Industrial etc. is increasing and urge for technical workers is increasing. In such a situation, demand for ITI is increasing. Many companies ITI is giving good package to students. The number of students entering ITI is increasing, thousands of students are entering ITI institutes.

There are several types of trades such as - Electrician, Fitter, Welder, Stenographer etc. some of which are 2 years and some 1 year old.

Now there has been a lot of change in ITI now, ITI's semester exams have started getting online in which students can get online exam with the help of computer and can get their results right away.

Many new students do not know this thing that minimum marks need to be passed in ITI. Many students live in confusion about this.

Today I am going to give you full information about how many marks are required to pass in ITI First Semester Online Exams (Electrician, Fitter)?

Minimum Passing Marks in ITI 1st Semester Online Exams

In Electrician and Fitter, there are 3 papers in the first semester, in which the paper of practical is offline and the rest are online in which the objective questions come.

They have Paper of Trade Theory and Employability skills together, which is Paper 1

And Engineering Drawing Workshop calculation and science paper together, which is Paper 2.

In this paper 1 is of 200 marks, in which theory has 150 marks and employmentability skills are 50 points.

There are 50 questions in the theory, each of which is 3 digits and in ES, 25 questions are of 2-2 points.

Paper 2 is a total of 150 marks, in which Workshop calculation and science has 75 marks and ED has 75 points, both have 25 questions with 3-3 marks.

In ITI, you have to pass both in the subject and the paper, then you are considered to be close.

To pass in the paper, you will have to get 37.5 marks out of 150 and you will have to get 12.5 marks from 50 marks to get passed in Employability skills. In addition, up to 20 marks in Sessional marks will be from your college.

With passage in the subject you will also have to pass in the paper, in order to have you pass in Paper 1, you will have to bring a total of 88 marks.

Only then will you be considered as a complete pass.

Meaning of getting the total score of 88 points by adding the theory, ES and sessional numbers.

Example - Suppose you have 40 points in your theory and 15 in employment and 18 in Sessional, then you have to pass in subjects but your total will be 73 which is less than 88, then you will fail in paper even after going to the subject.

To pass, your total must be more than 88.

Paper.2 - You have to bring the total of 72 points in Paper 2.

In this workshop calculation, you will have more than minimum 18.75 and in ED you will have to get more than 18.75 points.

This will allow you to have 30 sessionsal marks from your college teachers.

If your paper 2 total is 72 or more then you will be considered close.

Example - Suppose that your Workshop calculation is 25 in 25, and 30 in sessional, then your total is 80, which means that your score is more than 72, which means you are completely close to paper 2.

(If you fail in one of the subjects, then you will be considered as a failure in that paper i.e. you will be considered as failure in both subjects of the paper)

To pass in Practical, you will have to get more than 180 points out of total 300.

Paper Paper Max Marks Paper Min Marks Subject Subject Max Marks Subject Min Marks
Paper-I 220 88 Part A Tread Theory 150 37.5
Sessional 20  
Part -B Empoyability Skills 50 12.5
Paper-II 180 72 Part -A Workshop
Calculation & Science
75 18.75
Sessional 10  
Part B Engineering Drawing 75 18.75
Sessional 20  
Practical 300 180 Trade Practical 270  
Sessional 30